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Archaeology News - Evidence of the earliest occupation of the coasts of Australia from Barrow Island

29 June 2017

A large multi-disciplinary research team, led by Professor Peter Veth of the University of Western Australia (UWA), has found evidence of the earliest occupation of the Australian coast while conducting an archaeological study at Barrow Island off the northwest coast of Australia.

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What Is Gavin Jackson CRM?

31 March 2016

Gavin Jackson Cultural Resource Management (Gavin Jackson CRM) is an independent consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia. Gavin Jackson CRM provides quality service and professional advice in the fields of Aboriginal heritage, cultural resource management, and land access approvals to private and public sector clients.

Gavin Jackson, the founder and managing director of Gavin Jackson CRM has over 16 years’ experience in Australian archaeological heritage and cultural resource management. The company currently employs sixteen professionals, qualified in the disciplines of archaeology and anthropology. Gavin Jackson CRM also employs support staff to meet all the administrative and data management requirements.

Gavin Jackson and his team’s combined experience provide high quality professional project management services which ensure the overall heritage process is both streamlined and comprehensive. This results in effective outcomes which are achieved in a reasonable time and in a cost effective manner that benefits all stakeholders.

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