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Reconciliation Week 2022

2 June 2022

reconciliation week banner

The theme for Reconciliation Week 2022 revolves around 'Be Brave, Make a Change' and encourages all Australians to be Brave and make changes within their daily lives in order to tackle the issues currently faced within our contemporary society including, racism, inequality, representation, education.  

This year we are encouraging everyone and focusing ourselves on making a positive change and caring for country,

in all of the areas in which we have the privilege of working. We take great pride in the work that we do and always strive to improve ourselves through education and proactive cultural heritage management. 

We are extremely grateful to all of the people and groups that have allowed us to work along side them on country and encourage everyone in these turbulent and changing times to Be Brave and Make a Change.


For more information on how you can get involved in events and Be Brave and Make a Change visit the official Reconciliation Week website here