Gavin Jackson

Managing Director

Bsc (Hons) Archaeology and Geography

Gavin has been working as a heritage consultant since 1993. Gavin has been the managing director of Gavin Jackson Cultural Resource Management since its inception in March 2000. Gavin’s current role is to manage the day to day operations of the business which involves creating and implementing company policies, developing strategic plans, controlling finances and building and maintaining an effective team of heritage consultants in the fields of archaeology, anthropology and GIS mapping and analysis.

Gavin has also personally completed over 500 Aboriginal heritage and native title consultancy projects and reports and has widespread experience in the Pilbara, Goldfields, Southwest and Midwest regions of Western Australia as well as central South Australia and Northwest Queensland.
The projects that Gavin has coordinated and participated in have involved the planning and undertaking of Aboriginal site surveys, the surface collection of artefactual material from open surface scatters and the test pitting and excavation of rock shelters and shell midden deposits. Gavin also has extensive experience in planning and executing management plans for both archaeological and ethnographic sites and in conducting significance assessments of Australian archaeological sites. Gavin’s role also includes conducting extensive Aboriginal community consultations regarding the heritage impacts of wide-scale development proposals.

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