John Marrell

Project Manager

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Archaeology & Anthropology

John joined the GJCRM team in November 2009 after completing his honours at the University of WA. John commenced as a Field Archaeologist and was promoted to Field Manager in 2010. In early 2014 John took a position as Project Manager. John has widespread experience in archaeological surveys and excavations and has managed numerous cultural heritage surveys across a variety of locations in Western Australia including the Pilbara and Goldfields.

John's current responsibilities are planning, executing and evaluating archaeological heritage surveys for specific projects. John is required to manage project teams and ensure quality control throughout the project life cycle.

John is exceptionally well organised with a pro-active attitude to everything he undertakes. He has good time management, strong verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal abilities which have contributed to a sound record of reliability and accuracy and has forged strong relationships with our clients and teams. John is a strong leader and is a member of the GJCRM management team.

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