Michelle Smyth

Project Manager


Michelle began working as a professional archaeologist in Ireland in 2007 working initially as a General Operator and then as a Site Assistant on a number of commercial archaeology excavations and Technician Assistant throughout 2008.

Michelle has been a member of the GJCRM team since 2010 working as a Field Manager and has since joined the Project Management team. 

Michelle is involved in the planning, executing and evaluating archaeological heritage surveys for specific projects. She also manages project teams, supervising field staff as required and ensuring quality control throughout the duration of each project. Michelle ensures that surveys run efficiently in the field by effectively managing field teams to achieve best possible outcomes for clients.

Michelle has contributed to numerous Aboriginal cultural heritage surveys in the Pilbara and her responsibilities have involved liaising with traditional indigenous land owners and proponent clients. She has also contributed to site avoidance heritage reports in the form of site descriptions and digital site plans.


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