Cultural resource management

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  • Site salvage and excavation services
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans
  • Compliance
  • Heritage policies and procedures
  • Cultural awareness inductions and workshops

In addition to the land access approval process, it is a requirement for proponents to develop and implement management strategies for the preservation and protection of Aboriginal heritage. Gavin Jackson CRM provides expert advice on mitigative procedures for the protection or salvage of heritage sites, and in some cases excavation of important archaeological sites that require further recording and analysis.

As part of this process, Gavin Jackson CRM can develop and prepare Cultural Heritage Management Plans for proponents. This includes providing assistance to proponents in developing strategies to manage their ongoing compliance obligations usually set as consent conditions by the Minister of Indigenous Affairs. This is also useful in the development of heritage policies and procedures.

Gavin Jackson CRM provides efficient and reliable information data management to ensure that essential details regarding the status of each heritage site is recorded and that other logistical information is readily available for compliance reporting.

The wealth of information and expertise provided by Gavin and his team means they can assist in developing heritage workshops and collaborate with Aboriginal groups and proponents to develop cultural awareness packages used for employment project inductions. Comprehensive desktop research on the cultural landscapes of survey areas and regions are an integral part of reporting and can be used to formulate and develop educational and other cultural related programs.

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