Land access approvals

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  • Prepare heritage reports to a standard required under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 for Section 18 notice submissions
  • Facilitation of meetings and consultation with Aboriginal groups and other relevant stakeholders as part of the Section 18 notice submission process
  • Liaise with Department of Aboriginal Affairs
  • Provide advice on the Section 18 approvals process
  • Provide advice on proponent obligations under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972

Any proposed development by a proponent requires them to meet certain obligations under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972. Access to land where heritage sites exist and are identified requires a proponent to prepare a notice under Section 18 of the Act to disturb the site (or sites). Prior to any site being disturbed, consent from the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs must be obtained. In some cases such consent may be granted with certain conditions with which the proponent must comply. Only then can the proponent proceed to access the land and, if necessary, disturb the site.

The team at Gavin Jackson CRM have expert knowledge and over 16 years’ experience with this process and can provide advice in the preparation of Section 18 notice submissions.

Gavin Jackson CRM provides expert advice on this sensitive and sometimes contentious process and, if required, can attend community meetings to facilitate and negotiate this process between Aboriginal groups and proponents. In addition, Gavin Jackson CRM can provide ‘in the field’ consultation with Aboriginal groups and has a proven ability to communicate in a culturally appropriate manner regarding development proposals and the possible need to disturb sites as a result of these development proposals. Gavin Jackson CRM’s experience in this process enables us to identify and effectively communicate solutions that satisfy all parties.

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